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Dependency trees

The deptree module helps to exploit dependency relations in a TEITOK corpus. When a sentence is adorned with dependency relations, this module can draw the dependencies either as a sentence with arches, or as a tree. The graph can be downloaded as a SVG image or a PNG image for offline use.

Each node in the tree has the same roll-over token info you typically find in the rest of TEITOK, and when rolling over a node, the corresponding word in the sentence is highlighted, making it easy to determine which word a node corresponds to.

The module not only allows the visualization of the tree, but administrators can also edit the tree. Editing the tree is very easy: you just click on a node you want to reattach, and then on the node you want to attach it to, and the tree will get updated. And you can click on a dependency label to change it, which will provide you with a list of the valid labels used in the corpus.

For texts that have not yet been parsed, the deptree module allows you to parse directly from within the TEITOK system, using the UDPIPE Web service. This can only be done one file at a time though, to parse an entire corpus you will have to use the command line scripts.

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