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Maarten Janssen, 2014-


TEITOK and CorpusWiki contains a wide range of tools to make the process of creating annotated corpora easier, faster, or visually more attractive. Many of these tools operate behind the screens, but some of them can be very useful by themselves for independent purposes. On this page, we attempt to provide some of the TEITOK/CorpusWiki tools in an independent fashion.

Draw Syntactic Trees

The Draw Syntactic Trees module lets you create syntactic trees in SVG format starting from a bracket notation of the tree. (try it out)

Automatic Language Identification

The CWALI tool can recognize just under 800 different languages, and determine the most likely language of a given text. (try it out)

CQL Query Visualization

Get a graphical visualization of a CQL query to better understand what you are searching for in a corpus. (try it out)