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TEITOK Help Pages

Installing TEITOK

Since version 3.0, TEITOK has become an open repository, and now has an easy-to-use installer script. It will run on most/all Linux/MacOS machines (not on Windows!), and the installer only relies on Perl to run - so on very minimal Linux installations it is necessary to first install, for all other systems, entering the following two commands on the command line (terminal) should suffice (if wget does not work, save the installer script manually from the link above):

wget http://www.teitok.org/downloads/install-teitok.pl
sudo perl install-teitok.pl

The perl script will ask a series of questions, all of which can be answered by simply hitting return, except for the username (email) and password, which will continue to ask until filled in. After installation, you should have a running TEITOK on, where you should be able to login, and navigate to "system wide settings" under "admin" to create your first TEITOK project. The password you provided initially (which you can change in your shared project) should work for all corpora on your server. You should also make sure to check the server configuration in the server-wide settings for any potential mishap in the installer script.

The default set-up has the following structure:

  • It installs Apache2, PHP, git, svn, and some Perl modules
  • It downloads and installs CWB 3.4 from SVN
  • It clones TEITOK and smarty, by default under /home/git, and as the Apache user so that TEITOK can be updated to the latest version from within the interface
  • It creates a teitok folder under the Apache root, where it links the Javascript folder of TEITOK, sets up a .htaccess file pointing to Smarty, TEITOK, and the shared project, and creates a shared project with the username and password as global admin users
  • It compiles the C++ modules of TEITOK and places them in /usr/local/bin together with the CQP executables
  • It turns off SELinux since that prevents Apache from writing files, which is incompatible with what TEITOK does

The installer script has been tested on a large variety of recent popular Linux distributions. If you run into any problems with the installer, please let us know the problem, and ideally the solution to install the missing parts. The tested systems include:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Fedora Workstation 32
  • Debian 10.3
  • openSUSE 15
  • Alpine 3.11
  • CentOS 8
  • Mint 19

Known issues (suggestions to solutions would be appreciated):

  • The installer for MacOS works mostly, but two things seem hard to install from within the script: homebrew and the Perl modules (HTML::Entities and XML::LibXML)
  • On FreeBSD, the installer works, except for two issues: the CWB installer does not work, and the resulting system does not listen to SetEnv, which means the environment variables have to be set in index.php for the time being
  • The CWB installer does not work on Fedora and CWB has to be installed manually

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