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Setting up the File Repository

In TEITOK, each individual text or manuscript is kept in a separate XML file and treated as an independent XML file. The complete corpus simply consists of all the XML files located in the xmlfiles directory. For rapid acces, one can use an indexed corpus, which is built either from all the XML files, or from those XML files in a specific directory. In the teiHeader, each XML file specifies all the relevant information about the file, including what would traditionally be kept as metadata in a separate file. Therefore, in principle there is no need in TEITOK for an index of all the files. Nevertheless, when files are moved externally, it is difficult to verify if all the XML files that are supposed to be there are still inside the XML folder, and whether there are no duplicate copies of any files. Therefore, it is possible to nevertheless use a file repository in TEITOK, which lists all the files that are supposed to be in the corpus, and which can be used to keep track of temporary information about the file that should not be kept in in the teiHeader.

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