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Maarten Janssen, 2014-

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Pageflow view

Since version: 2.0

The Pageflow view presents a transcribed facsimile document in a fashion similar to TEI visualization tools like EVT, with a left column showing the image, and the right column showing the text, showing one page at a time. When using the pageflow view to show search contexts, the interface will automatically jump to the appropriate page and hightlight the search result. In the pageflow view, no bounding boxes are shown over the facsimile image, but when available, the bounding boxes on facsimile lines are used to scroll the facsimile image in sync with the text display.

Shortcuts and mouse actions

In the pageflow view, there are various buttons to zoom, move, increase the font size, enter fullscreen mode, etc. Part of those are in the options menubar that can be hidden/shown with the options button. You can also use the mouse to interact with the interface

  • Scroll the facsimile image to move it up/down and left/right, or drag the image around
  • Scroll the facsimile image holding the shift key down to zoom in/out
  • Drag the bar between the image and the text to resize the column

And the following keys can be used as well:

0 Reset the facsimile image to fit to the width of the left column
1 Set the width of the left column to fit the entire facsimile image on screen
f Go to fullscreen mode
left Go to the previous page
right Go to the next page

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