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Query Manager

If you are logged in (either as a corpus adminstrator or using visitor login), TEITOK can keep track of your personal queries in the Query Manager. From any of the search interfaces provided in TEITOK, you can store any query you have used. That means not only the stand CQP searches, but also the implementations of PML-TQ search, searching in PSDX using XPath, and searching through CoNLL-U treebanks using Grew. You do this by simply clicking the button "store the query" at the bottom of the search page. Once you have stored any queries, a button "Query Manager" will appear in the menu. And in the Query Manager, you can then name your query, edit it, and provide a description of what it does. Queries are only visible for you. And from the list of stored queries, you can directly run any of them again. Since the QM can store various different types of queries, it does not have a graphical interface for editing the queries. To edit in a more amigable fashion, you should use the respective search page.

While you are logged in, TEITOK will also keep track of all the queries you did thusfar in the Query Manager. And from the list of recent queries, you can also store the queries in the Query Manager. So rather than storing a query directly, you can also refine it until you are happy with it, and only then store it from the recent queries.

As a corpus administrator, you can furhermore publish any query from the Query Manager. This will move the query to the central query library for your corpus, which will be usable for all users as pre-defined queries. It is recommendable to add some pre-defined queries to your corpus to help visitors understand what they can search for.

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