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System Wide Settings

Since version 3, TEITOK has a simple installer, which will set-up the system with a common local shared project. This project can be used to define everything that should apply to all projects on the server, and can also be used to create new projects and allow people access to multiple projects on the server. The default location of the shared project is http://teitok.myserver.com/shared. The location of the shared project, as well as the location of the Smarty files and the TEITOK root, is defined as an environment variable in the .htaccess file - by default in /var/www/html/teitok.

  • Any project will use the template in shared/templates/main.tpl unless there is a local template file in the project
  • The default set-up has both a /shared/Resources/xmlstyles.css and a Resources/xmlstyles.css to allow individual projects to override the shared design
  • New projects can only be created from the shared project, and only by admin users of that project. When set to @projects="all", users of the shared project will be able to login to all projects on the server.
  • The definitions in the Settings of the shared project are used for all projects, for instance to define where the Javascript files are, but can be overridden by the local settings in the project.

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