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File Upload

To get files onto the server, you can use the upload module; the upload module is not a generic file transfer module, but rather a module that lets you only upload specific files, and makes sure they end up in the appropriate folder. By default, you can upload the following types of files, where the file extension is case-sensitive:

File typeExtensionFolder
Facsimile images.jpgFacsimile/
Site Images.jpg,.png,.gif,.jpegImages/
Audio files.wav,.mp3Audio/
TEI XML Files.xmlxmlfiles/
PSD(X) Annotation files.psdx,.psdAnnotations/
PDF files.pdfpdf/

You can specify a different list of files in the files section of the settings file. An important notice in that is that you cannot just add types in the settings - if you have a specified list of files, the default will be ignore, so you will also need to include the standard types of files you want to be uploadable.

Since version 1.9, TEITOK uses the Dropzone javascript library for file uploads. This has the big advantage that it shows the upload progress for large files, which otherwise look like they are not doing anything. And Dropzone allow you to upload many files in one go by dragging a number of files to the dropzone, which will but uploaded in a queue. And as an additional bonus, you can use it on mobile devices to directly upload pictures and videos from the camera, as well as audio files from the microphone. The Javascript library merely is a graphical interface to the simple file upload, and does not circumvent the maximum file size set by the server. The maximum upload size is limited by three variables in the PHP configaration (php.ini): upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, and memory_limit.

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