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Setting up the navigation menu

The navigation menu at the left of the screen shows a number of consists of four parts: the title ("Main Menu"), the language selection options, the administrator section. The title can be changed by "translating" the term in the internationalization settings. The language option are optional, and only show up if more than one interface language is selected in the internationalization set-up. The admin section will show "Login" for people that are not logged in, and otherwise the username, with below that functions that are only available to admin users of the site. Admin users are all users with editing permissions, that is to say, all users with a login account, since there is no user registration: visitor can search and read the corpus without the need for a login.

Which links are shown in the menu is defined in the global settings. The items are simply listed as in the example below, where diplay is the name used in the menu, and key the link action, which is either a full URL, or an internal action, so home will link to index.php?action=home

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