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Global Settings File

TEITOK aims to be usable for a wide variety of different project, and is therefore highly customizable. The central file where most of the customization options are defined is the file settings.xml. The settings file consists of several sections that are explained in their corresponding parts of these help files. Below is an overview of the parts. When editing the settings, bear in mind that it is an XML document, and if you forget to close a tag, or introduce some other XML error, the whole settings file will fail to read.


Defines which language options are shown in the menu for the internationalization of the user interface.


Lists all the items to be shown in the navigation menu.


Defines all aspects related to the index corpus for the corpus search.


Defines all aspects related to the built-in part-of-speech tagger.


Defines all aspects related to the individual XML files containing the annotated texts.


Defines all aspects related to the file repository.


Defines all the project-specific scripts.


Defines the XML templates for creating new XML files.

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