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TEITOK Projects

Below is a list of projects using the TEITOK system. You can also view the list by corpus type or by corpus language.

The list only contains those projects that consider themselves sufficiently ready to be available publicly, and since many of those projects are ongoing, the indicative size may be outdated since it was last checked.

If you are interested in using TEITOK or are using TEITOK and would want your project listed here, please contact us.

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Title Host institution Language(s) Corpus type Content
CoDiAJeHebrew University of JerusalemLadinoHistoric corpusManuscripts
Period: 1500-2100
Size: 20 docs - 296k toks
CoOrAJeHebrew University of JerusalemLadinoSpoken corpusSize: 0 docs - 1.4k toks

2 projects